The Bill Martin Jr Big Book of Poetry ビル・マーチン Jr.(1916-2004)編纂の詩集

 『The Bill Martin Jr Big Book of Poetry*1を開き、自分もいつかこのように好きな詩歌を集めた詩集を編んでみたいなと想い描いた。このような豪華版は、ぜったいに不可能だけれど。なにせ序文がエリック・カール。以下、ラシュカやヤッカリーノ、エイラトさんら、人気画家たちがイラストを担当した。

"A Kitten"
He's nothing much but fur
And two round eyes of blue,
He has a giant purr
And a midget mew.

He darts and pats the air,
He starts and cocks his ear,
When there is nothing there
For him to see and hear.

He runs around in rings,
But why we cannot tell;
With sideways leaps he springs
At things invisible---

Then half-way through a leap
His startled eyeballs close,
And he drops off to sleep
With one paw on his nose.

Eleanor Farjeon

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The Bill Martin Jr Big Book of Poetry

The Bill Martin Jr Big Book of Poetry